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In the studio this week with singular Chicago-based artist Surachai, bridging multiple genres from experimental electronic to black metal. Guest musicians include my old friend Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, Muse), mind-blowing experimental electronic artist Richard Devine, and Charlie Werber on drums. [Continued…]

Joey Hatcher

In the studio this week with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Joey Hatcher. My old friend Rick Chudacoff is producing this one, with a star cast of musicians including Christian Cullen (keys and bass), Grant Tye (guitar) and Michael Caskey (drums). [Continued…]

Butch Vig Interview: Part 2

The second of four excerpts from a Q&A I conducted with Butch Vig at Musicians Institute in 2008. In this part, I talk to Butch about how he gets great performances out of singers, reading and adjusting to new artists in the studio, and why the hell the drums kick so much ass on Nirvana’s Nevermind.