Leslie Hunt

Spent the last couple weeks with the incredible Leslie Hunt recording nine new tunes.  I’m usually anxious to get into the producer’s chair but it was a real honor to watch veteran producer Rick Chudacoff (Smokey Robinson, Patti LaBelle) and musical genius Christian Cullen team up to produce this one with Leslie.

My job was to capture the soulful, vibey tunes to tape.  We went for a classic 70’s-style dry drum sound (drum heads taped like mad, no room mics…). Christian Cullen brought over an old Hofner bass (McCartney’s original choice in basses), and proceeded to lay down some of the groovin’est bass lines I’ve heard in a long time.  Leslie managed, unbelievably, to knock out the lead vocals for ALL NINE songs in one day at Waterdog and then Chris Siebold, monster Chicago guitarist, laid down a mountain of spaced out, perfectly fitting guitar tracks in just two additional days.

All in all it was a damn fun project; great songs, great musicians, great studio, a cast funny-ass characters, no over-thinking and virtually no editing…a recipe for a fun and rewarding studio experience.  Check out one of the finished tunes here

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