Natalie DePaul and Greg Geary

Proving that music is, if only on occasion, still recorded like it used to be, I was asked by bassist Greg Geary to help him cut a four-song demo with he and versatile UK-based vocalist Natalie DePaul before she left for England the next day. They had no songs worked out, and they had never played as a group with the drummer and guitarist they planned to hire. Sounds great to me. We’ll start at 7.

When the guitarist arrived at 7:30, he announced that he had to leave by 10. No problem. That was until Greg (Geary) called the drummer, who had yet to make an appearance, and who proceeds to nonchalantly inform Greg that he “had no transportation”. Greg, being the nice guy that he is, refrained from threatening to kill said drummer and instead, politely offered to pick him up. By the time the full band was set and ready to go, it was 9. Four songs picked out of the Real Book on the spot, never rehearsed, never having played as a group together. One hour left. Oh and I hadn’t dialed in any sounds yet. And the upright bass would have to be eight feet from the drum kit so he could steer the drummer. I knew Greg was a phenomenal musician and as it turned out, by 10:10pm, we had four beautiful new tunes on tape, one happy singer and one stoned drummer. And this is why I love recording jazz.

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