Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Two of my oldest friends and clients in Chicago, Austin and Alex Ward of the Noise FM, got in touch with me a couple months ago about doing a completely new project. They wanted to approach this project more organically than they had in their past big-studio projects. They had access to a lakeside cabin in Fort Scott Kansas, and wanted to set up a mobile recording environment there and do much of the writing and recording on the fly at the cabin. They also invited CJ Calhoun, aka Bonzo Madrid, formerly of KC-based Cowboy Indian Bear along to collaborate and sing.

Long story short, it was an incredibly rewarding experience for all of us. I brought most of the recording gear along with some of my synths and guitars and we set up a studio in this beautiful lakeside cabin. We tried to avoid doing anything the “usual” way wherever appropriate. The end result is an extremely unique-sounding, danceable (as anything these guys do is bound to be), weirdo EP that I can’t wait to share!


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