White Rabbit

I’ve got a weak spot for Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit…being a kid-O and hearing this WEIRD song as a backdrop to Charlie Sheen’s character coming of age in the middle of a war…it highlighted the absurdity of war, and on some level, of life and humanity. From an analytical standpoint, the song is a study in brevity, dynamics and the effectiveness of unconventional form. From a little kid’s perspective, it was mostly just MYSTERIOUS.

Recently, I had the WEIRD opportunity to perform this song while confined to a chair w a broken leg, along with two current members of Jefferson Starship (Cathy Richardson, Jude Gold), and two other extraordinary musicians in Anne Harris and Rich Stitzel. Thanks to Dave Cygan for catching us on video at Fitzgerald’s on Mar 7th, 2020, moments before the global pandemic would land here, adding further evidence for the absurdity and weirdness of it all…

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